See Bad Bunny’s Impressive WWE WrestleMania Debut

Singer and Damian Priest faced off against “the Miz” and John Morrison

WWE fanatic Bad Bunny made his high-flying wrestling debut Saturday with a tag-team match during the first night of WrestleMania 37 in Tampa, Florida.

While Bad Bunny has made appearances in and around the WWE ring in recent months, the WrestleMania match was billed as his first-ever official WWE battle, with the Puerto Rican rapper and his cohort Damian Priest facing off against their nemesis “the Miz” and his tag team partner John Morrison.

Bad Bunny’s wrestling adventure began earlier this year when he performed his track “Booker T” — named after the wrestler who also appears in the music video — at WWE’s Royal Rumble; at that same event, the Miz and John Morrison tried to recruit the singer, resulting in Bad Bunny’s now-famed “splash” off the top rope that he immortalized on a tee shirt (and also reprised during the WrestleMania match).

The feud continued to simmer until WrestleMania, where Bad Bunny and Priest faced off in a tag-team match against “the Miz” and Morrison. The resulting fight was well-received by wrestling fans who praised the singer’s remarkably adept (for a celebrity!) moves and preparation. The knockdown, drag-out battle ultimately ended with Bad Bunny and Priest victorious (you can watch a repeat of Wrestlemania 37 on Peacock).

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